Webbplatsens överlägg

Pleasing Women is a story about young women discovering friendship, love, intimacy and desire, in an existence where some of these feelings are still out of bounds. It is a story about negotiating the constricting boundaries of their gender role and their place in society. And it is a story about relationships between women – friendships, enmities, and feelings of a far more intimate and forbidden nature. 

The larp is about the mold set for women of the upper middle class in the early 1910s. It is set at a British finishing school, where young women were sent to learn manners, arts, languages and how to run a household. The goal of their education: for them to become charming company at social gatherings, pleasant companions to their husbands, and capable mothers to their children. 

Pleasing Women is a story about asking yourself, who it is that you really want to please.

All characters of the larp are female, apart from a few male NPCs. The NPCs are there as a resource in play, not to create a gratifying experience for themselves.

The larp will be played in two runs.

The first run will be open to people of all genders, as long as you are comfortable playing female characters.

The second run is open to people who fully or mainly identify as women, and have experience of living as a woman. This means that cis women, trans women, demi girls and similar are welcome.

The trailer for the larp can be found here.

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