Webbplatsens överlägg

Getting to the larp

Getting to Årås kvarn by car is by far the easiest solution, and we encourage you to ride with each other all or parts of the way if possible. There are threads in the Facebook groups for the two respective runs, where you can offer or ask for a ride, and match up.

You should be at the venue by 15 on the first day of the larp (1st or 5th of October, depending on your run). Plan accordingly!

Getting to Årås by public transport

The station you should get to is ”Timmele”. From there, we can arrange to have you picked up either by a helper or another participant. We recommend that you aim at being there no later than 14 on the first day (1st or 5th of October, depending on which run you are in), to make sure that we can get you to the venue in time.

The easiest way to purchase tickets to Timmele is from SJ. It is quickest and cheapest to travel from Gothenburg, but of course quite manageable to get from other major cities as well.

If you are coming by public transport, and have not arranged with anyone to pick you up on the way (please try this first, if possible), we have this Google form that we want you to fill in so we know when you arrive and can send someone to get you. (We cannot promise that you will be fetched promptly on arrival, but will instead try to make sure that we always pick up several people at a time.)

There is now also a Form for getting to Timmele after the larp. We ask that you do not book a train leaving earlier than 13.30, since otherwise it may be hard to make it in time.

Getting to Årås by car

Most GPS services seem to have Årås kvarn as a viable address. Enter it, and you can get straight to the venue without hassle. The GPS coordninates are (RT90) X: 6420086, Y: 1372059 

If GPS doesn’t work, this site contains directions and a map. The directions are in Swedish when you first visit the site, but there is a Translate button which offers the text in English, German and Danish (properly translated, not ”google translate”-style).

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