Webbplatsens överlägg


Run 1 (mixed gender run): 1-4 October 2022
Run 2 (women only run): 5-8 October 2022

Årås kvarn, Kölingared, Sweden


Number of participants:
28 students
8 personnel (most of which will be organizers, helpers or NPCs)

Standard: 3400 SEK
Sponsor: 4000 SEK
Subsidized: 2800 SEK

Each sponsor ticket will fund a subsidized ticket for another participant. If there are not enough sponsors for everyone who has requested the subsidized ticket, the subsidized tickets will be assigned by lottery. Those who do not receive subsidized tickets will be offered a standard ticket instead. 

Up until 1 month before the larp, you will get a 90% refund of your ticket. Cancellations after this date, however, are not given any refunds. 

It will not be possible to pay in installments, since it causes an increase in administrative work.

We will monitor the situation continually as the larp draws closer, and if it is deemed unsafe to run the larp in October, it will be postponed. If the larp is postponed, all participants who have signed up will be offered to keep their tickets for the new dates of the larp. If you are not able to attend, you will get a refund of at least 90% of the ticket cost.

The rooms are of a hostel standard, and will be shared, with 2 or 4 people in each bedroom. Who you share a room with will be assigned based on character relationships. The bedrooms are in-game, and you will be expected to play there. 

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